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Well, That Didn’t Go As Planned!

A few posts ago I announced I would do intro (for my sixth time in just over four years), for a month. The discomfort on Day 1 notwithstanding, I got off to such a great start, but subsequently went out with a fizzle. I think even this is worth sharing; as always, I believe my stumble can help others. What I learned: (more…)

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Ice Cream & Day 3

Am I the last person in North America to have a camera? I regret that I didn’t have one my son’s first seven years, but I’m finally there. Thus, I will post a photo of (more…)

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Fear of Intro

For about a month, I’ve been pondering when to do my next round of intro. Actually, ‘pondering’ isn’t quite the right word. What’s actually been happening is that (more…)

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Group Intro: October 1st

Remember when we did a group intro back in April? This was super helpful for lots of us -people doing intro for their first time and people doing it for their fourth time! Starting (more…)

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When In Doubt…

As we approach a new-to-us healing program, we can feel frustrated, confused, overwhelmed, even angry.

“It says to eat high fat, but fat triggers reflux in me!”
“I’m not getting any die-off from the probiotics.”
“If we (more…)

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As people bump along through intro (because really, bumping along is what it is), we tend to become frustrated at points. At times we feel we’re doing “one step forward, two steps back” as we discover reactions to foods. Die-off alone can trigger major fatigue; add to that the (more…)

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Intro x 5: Gains

We are intro nuts! Over the course of three and a half years, my son and I have done: a different elimination diet, then SCD’s intro, then PecanBread’s, then GAPS’, then GAPS’ again. Love it! Here are the gains we experienced this time (more…)

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