According to the Georgia Straight, a weekly newspaper published in Vancouver, British Columbia:

…a professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at [the University of British Columbia] and distinguished scientist at BC Cancer Agency’s Terry Fox Laboratory, has been following a low carbohydrate, high Continue Reading »

EMDR: Adjunct Therapy

I have recently been accessing a healing modality called EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). In this, the client presents a memory that is Continue Reading »

Making A Small House Work

A couple of posts ago, I told a story about how, once upon a time, a farmer proposed that nutrition be the Number One material consideration in a child’s upbringing. The post brought a range of comments. One was from Continue Reading »

Quick Turnaround: Niacin

Recently, I was going through a period of intense stress. Circumstances outside of my control combined with some poor post-GAPS dietary choices had aligned to leave me an overwhelmed ball of “agh”. And suddenly Continue Reading »

Your Happy Weight

For most of my life my body has been a medium size and weight -not “fat”, not skinny. Medium. Pre-GAPS, there were times my body’s size increased to points such that I felt Continue Reading »

“They’d Go Barefoot…”

When I was very, very ill, I was not able to do much -at all. I was in pain, I was exhausted, and I was confused. Some months I Continue Reading »

Remembering Why We Do It

Most of the time, supporting people to do GAPS feels SO worthwhile! A great example of this is when a dad writes in a panic, “My child won’t eat the Intro foods!”, and then I help him breathe through that and hang in there, and four days later he writes Continue Reading »